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Shared Services Overview

Learn how Centralization & Standardization led to the creation of Shared Services

Concepts of Centralization & Standardization

Globalization, Outsourcing & Offshoring                                                                                  Definitions, Characteristics & Benefits                                                    SSCs/Hybrid/BPOs/Captives/ Third Party                                                                                  Rebranding: Global In-House & Capability Centers

GIC-GCC Landscape

Learn about the existing GIC-GCC landscape by tracing the early journey of business captive centers in India

History of Captives in India

Geographical Spread & Prime Locations                                                                                                      GIC Statistics, Employment & Industry Impact                                                                                          Domestic Market Vs. 100% Export Oriented Units                                                                            Success Factors & Growth Story  

Perspectives on GIC Setup

Learn about the important steps in setting up an offshore GIC in India

Vision & Business Case for GIC

Site Selection – Location Analysis                                                                                                Setting up Infrastructure & Facilities                                                      Best Practices for Implementation                                       Compliance, Legal & Regulatory Requirements                                           Investment Cycles & Tax considerations